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A Letter to my fans : LOVE THY BROTHER #themixtape #preludetofreedom

Dear my beloved American Friend,


I’ve been blessed with some of the most beautiful fans on the planet. You guys have sold out my shows around the country and even the world. You have waved your hands to “Blame it on Me” and tweeted me into oblivion. You’ve sent love letters to me on Myspace, sent flowers back-stage, we’ve cut our hair together. You’ve called into the radio to speak love and encouragement and I am greatful.


You’ve given me awards, watched me win a Grammy,

And I couldn’t ask for a more gracious group of lovers and peace makers.


I want to give you something back. These are a few songs my brother and I took two days to put together.  Its not an album, ofcourse, but it’s a special effort to show you we love and appreciate you. We laugh, we beat box, we harmonize, we rap, and if you follow me on twitter, you saw the videos of us dancing.


Free of charge and with no obligation, I offer you a pre-lude to my album LET FREEDOM REIGN which you can find on November 30th and even pre-order now on itunes and Amazon.


This is for the arm that wraps around your shoulder when you need to be heard. This is for the hand that pats your back when you need to be healed. This mixtape is for the red white and blue sister or brother that stands next to you on the journey to your dreams. I introduce to you my biggest fan Lem Payne of whom I am the biggest fan. This is our offering to you “LOVE THY BROTHER”.


As I love my natural brother I pray we each continue to love our American brothers and sisters as you have loved me. Enjoy the prelude to LET FREEDOM REIGN – I give you, “LOVE THY BROTHER” featuring @LemPayne.  Mixed by DJ Babey Drew.


With love,


Chrisette Michele

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